Friday, April 20, 2018

The Perfect Travel Journal

Upcycling an antique 
photo album
into a travel journal,
takes some thought..

I have thrown things together before and I had
a modicum of success..
but in this first part of my new travel journal
adventure ..
I muse about what I liked and did not like about my past journals...

I will be gutting the journal on the next video..
and creating pages, pockets and stitching the whole thing together..

It will take some time..
and we will shoot it as I work on it..
so it could take some time..

thanks always 
for watching 
and I thank you in advance for your
kind comments..

I so appreciate you all..

Happy Weekend, 
gentle viewers!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mixed Media Portraits

Creating portraits 
takes so very long..

finding that thing about someone that makes them
unique or capturing the essence of presence,
is not always easy 
and I don't always get it right...

A Portrait of Ella, Caterina Giglio, detail, mixed media painting, 12 x 16

but I hoped to capture 
the determination..
the presence..
the creative spark 
that Ella exudes..

She is remarkable ..
not because she is beautiful..
but she is talented and brilliant, thoughtful and astute..

Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media Painting, A Portrait of Ella, 12 x 16 on cradled board

When I paint or draw a portrait, 
I usually begin with a photo..
making several copies..
and blowing up details..

I never have the opportunity to paint with a  sitting subject..

the magnificent photo below was taken by 
E. J. Carr

and it took my breath away when I saw it,
because I thought he had captured her so perfectly..
such a magical presence..

of course it always helps to know your subject..
helps and hinders
especially if you cannot seem to convey what you
want to say in paint..
pencils and art sticks..

Photo above by E..J. Carr, Mixed Media Painting, Caterina Giglio 

So this will be off in the mail to
my dear friends and I hope they love it..


and then I started a quick pencil sketch..
because my granddaughter 
asked for a drawing of her for her birthday..

actually she said..
 "I want crayons, a yo-yo and you know how you drew a picture of Gina real good?" you think you can draw me too?"

be still my heart..

so I used her little selfie taken some weeks before..
and started drawing
in pencil and graphite..

and I still have to get those crayons..
the big box with the sharpener.. 
and a yo-yo

Pencil and Graphite drawing, Taylor, Caterina Giglio, 8 x 8 on mixed media paper

This week, I am making notes for my
Vlog post on Friday..
and I hope to be able to get back to work on my new series..
and experimenting with some fun
mono printing techniques..

and obviously
 I am off to find a suitable frame..
birthday presents won't wait..


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Art of Contemplation

This year I am determined to share with you
the mundane
as well as the finished project...

the everyday workings of the studio..
so finished or not..
and definitely unfinished..

"There is no art without contemplation..."

here we are..

small stitches on tiny shreds of fabrics...

"A weak background is a terrible thing.."

some are stitched to paper..
and scraplets of cardboard...

some are ribbon stitched to cloth..

"Color is only beautiful when it means something.."

many tea and vegetable dyed..
and some bits are simply stitches
torn from fabric...

but all done as a study in contemplation..
between projects...

to allow...

that is a great word... 

the flow of what is to come forward..

"Do whatever you do intensely..."

As it has been rainy pouring and wet ..thunderous
 these past few, dark,
I find it comforting to sit and sew..
freeing my brain
from any thought..
agenda less..
as I create a smattering of tiny stitches
that will tell me where they want to live..
at the appropriate moment..

taking time for contemplation
is paramount to creation..

and relaxation is always key to releasing control..
my goal is always less struggle 
and more 

in the studio..
I am also working on
my Portrait of Ella..
April pages..
and a new series based on my 
March art journal pages..

so off I go to peruse
contemplate, and paint..

I hope your week offers time
for contemplation..


All quotes by 
Robert Henri 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Artist Books with Elastic and Hardware

Ciao, dearhearts..

Here is the second half of the Ribbon Tied Journal
several people asked to see my technique for
attaching elastics and hardware..

I created a few journals to share the techniques
with you for different closures...
so it took a while to have the journals finished and available to make the video..

so I share the simplicity of elastics..
 new and old hardware..
there are so many things that can be stitched to a book
to create an interesting journal or book

and as I was looking at the video, 
I realized that I forgot to share that tip about using scrap
waxed linen.. save those bits for attaching things to books..
sometimes only a scrap is necessary!!

Of course the rust dye bath is a topic for another day!!

Have a glorious weekend,
 gentle viewers!!

Ciao, ciao!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Color Green

is brought to you
by the color 

For those of you living in
snowy, white climates..
or waiting to see everything green up..

this post is for you..

though it may be only a virtual reality for you...

for me..
it is very real and I wanted to share it with you..
 sweet souls ..
starved for the greening of land..

and those of you
gentle readers..
who find the color green

and soothing...

we live in a forest..
the only home on our street..
and we never tire of the tall pines and live oaks..

Spring is gardening season here..
while summer is your season to plant and grow..
our season is finished by June..

I have been spending less studio time
and more time outside..

enjoying nature..

and nurturing and pruning the old..
planting the new..

and weeding..
the never ending work of the gardener..

I planted lavender this year..
if it lives through our hot and WET 
I will be very grateful..

are new this year too..
I am hoping they survive as well..

they will make it through the winter..
but the summer might be too wet..

every year 
I bravely try new plants..
hoping to find things..

That want to live where 
Mother Nature has such temperamental mood swings
of hot and cold..

tropicals all died the first year..
and by the third year
I had gardening fatigue..

but there are few things
more lovely than seeing what you plant
survive and thrive..
and flower and bloom..

I believe that the garden 
remembers the gardener..
long after she is gone..


hopefully I have brought you a 
slightly sunny post..
a little beauty break
for the soul..


Ciao, Ciao..

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Art Journal Pages

My pages, 
for March were inspired by the beach..
it is funny how I can see one thing and then my mind
free associates
with something else..

a line of shells on the edge of the shore, reminding me
of ripped and torn paper..
and suddenly in my mind at the beach I was tearing and weaving..
a collage in my mind...

I am continuously painting, drawing, sketching, sewing and glueing things together
in my mind..

I wrote about a relationship 
issue that I have been chewing on and coming to terms with
the changes ..

obviously still being worked out this month,
although healing happens..

it is still an excavation in process...

I find that when I have something really deep,
that needs chewing... 
and my emotions are so moved..
abstracts are the best way to convey
the issue..

I knew I wanted to use my dendritic prints and mono prints
on the page...
to express the depth of my emotion..
and the lines of attachments...

So after writing directly on the page, I began to gesso and then
to layer the paper..
it was tedious and meditative, all at once..

and dear reader..
 the perfect words literally appeared magically on the page
 circled to remind me 
of my journey .....

Ingredients: gesso, pencil, colored pencil, mono prints, dendritic prints, antique book pages and papers, tissue papers, acrylic ink

If you saw my last video, then you know that
I am busy in the studio..
but also in the garden this time of year..
I am hoping my Easter lilies will be blooming..

So I am sending you all my kindest wishes for a lovely weekend..
may we all spread new seeds of love
wherever we go..


Friday, March 23, 2018

Studio Tour and Works in Progress

Happy Weekend 
to you,
 dear viewers..
and this weekend I would love to
take you on a little studio tour..

and share all my works in Progress..

It will give you a little idea of how much
I juggle in the studio each day..

and right now, 
I have no deadlines to attend..

so ....
I am free to tackle large paintings and small
meditative stitches..

Thanks for viewing..
Thanks for reading..
Thanks for being such a wonderful support..
I so appreciate you all!


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